Maggje Beaton

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I'm lacing 'em up in honour of Jordan

On July 27th, I'm pulling a JBCHC jersey over my head, taping my stick and hitting the ice, playing the game Jordan loved, to raise awareness for Inherited Heart Disease and ARVC - a rare, inherited heart condition that took Jordan’s life in 2013. But before lace up my skates, I need your support. By donating to my team, you are fueling crucial research and innovation in the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic. Donate today and help establish new, dedicated research positions, expand the Inherited Heart Disease Clinic to treat more patients, and accelerate pivotal ARVC research and innovation for Atlantic Canadians.

Did you know that Nova Scotia has the second highest incidence of ARVC in Canada? The life-saving research that you help fund takes place at the QEII’s Inherited Heart Disease Clinic - the first of its kind established in Canada.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Emergency Medical Care Inc.


Angus Macneil


Lisa Lannon

From Lisa and jordan


Darlene Watts

Wicked Maggie!!




Mom And Dad Beaton

Proud of you Maggie


Alex Mizier-barre




Robin Morrison

Awesome Maggie !!


Ashli Campbell

That’s awesome Mags!!

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